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Facial Color Light Importer Heating Vibration Beauty Instrument Ion Eye Importer

Facial Color Light Importer Heating Vibration Beauty Instrument Ion Eye Importer

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Product Description

Product Parameters

Product Name: Facial IPL Introducer

Product power: <1W Vibration frequency: 12000RPM Working voltage: 3.7V

Charging time: about 2 hours Use time: about 2 hours Massage head heating temperature difference: 42℃±3℃

Product specification: 11.9*2.3*2.3cm, 80g

Packing specification: 18*8.5*5cm, 100g

Packing size: 47*33*30cm, 7.5kg, 100pcs

Button description: Press and hold the 2S power switch key to turn it on, short press the red and blue lights to switch, the red light flashes after booting, the massage head is heated, and when the temperature reaches, the red light is always on. The machine vibrates when the massage head and the tail intelligent induction area touch the human body at the same time.


FCC, CE, ROHS certification

1. 12,000 vibrations per minute, reasonably massage important acupoints around the eyes to relieve eye fatigue;

2. Ion color light beauty eye and lip beauty instrument, fast and effective penetration;

3. Vibration massage, promote blood circulation, discharge toxins, and lay a good foundation for follow-up care;

4.42 ℃ magnetic thermal therapy, 3 seconds to heat up, constant temperature massage, promote absorption and desalination of melanin, so that skin care products can effectively penetrate to the bottom of the skin;

5. Activating cells, improving relaxation, and helping to repair skin elasticity, fibers and keratinous tissue;

6. Remove eye bags and dark circles, remove fine lines and dry lines, relieve eye fatigue;

7. Iontophoresis, high frequency massage, dilute lip wrinkles.

Product List

Color box packaging / host + USB charging cable + 1 English manual










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